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Hey, I draw cocks and asses sometimes. Maybe even a little boob here and there. Mostly hanging around to lurk and jerk.
Please don't interact with me if you're a minor - follow my sfw page instead.

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Posted by DaSecular - December 8th, 2021

my best buddy and online little bro found my account, i feel so fucking ashamed. i shouldve changed the tag of my main character way fucking sooner since I've made so many friends and kinda made myself a name in my community

let this be a lesson to all nsfw artists, dont use the same fucking tag for sfw AND nsfw of your character unless you want people to find out in the worst way possible


Posted by DaSecular - May 5th, 2021

I forgot what I was gonna say. I left my laptop and shit at home so I cant draw:-(


Posted by DaSecular - April 24th, 2021

FOR FUCK'S SAKE. Reuploading my Casandra art without permission or credit? FINE. I have my username on that. BUT MY PERSONAL TANKMEN OC ART???? FUCK YOU. EAT MY FUCKING SHIT.

I have nothing wrong with people who reupload my art to sites like Paheal (not Rule34 though - I'll post there myself.), AS LONG AS THEY PROVIDE CREDIT OR A SOURCE LINK. Fucking Hell. I am an extremely small content creator, goddamnit. I have THREE followers (not including my sfw account). THREE!!!! And I won't be getting any from exposure if you refuse to give credit.

Not only are you going against my own personal wishes here, you are violating the licenses I put on my art. Sharing is fine, AS LONG AS YOU LINK BACK OR OTHERWISE CREDIT.

There was a really stellar person who reuploaded my Lemon Demon fanart with credit, and I wish them nothing but the best in life. HOWEVER, the cunt known as "HornyArihandro" refuses to credit any of my art. Oi, cunt. Are you reading this you thick skulled dipshit? What, were you beat over the head with a hammer when you were a child? So fucking brain dead you can't even fucking show a simple sign of common goddamn decency?

If any of yall can add credit to my art, please do. I can't since I can't make a paheal account of my own. This shit is so exhausting.


Posted by DaSecular - April 20th, 2021

I made my account on the weed day lmao. Hope yall had fun getting blazed.